This project is in Polish with English titles

Atlas of Sounds is an auditory performance project by Ludomir Franczak that brings together stories that share common perspectives, revealing private worlds, strange collections and impossible archives. The work encourages deeper sensitivities to auditory sensations, as we travel through time and space, listening to the earth that holds our ancestors remains.

This special edition of Atlas of Sounds: The Well is commissioned by FestivALT. It is an audio work based on the Breathing Mountain project, which was made together with Magdalena Franczak in 2015 in the city space of Lublin as part of the Konfrontacje Festival and the Six Verbs Movement. The drama focuses on the city’s auditory sphere and on some lesser known remaining fragments of Lublin’s large pre-war Jewish community. The work is partly based on the sound recordings that were made in the building that houses one of the few remnants of the former Jewish Town: The Well.

Script, direction, performative activities – Ludomir Franczak
Music, sound design – Marcin Dymiter
Voices: Irena Jun, Marcin Barski, Ludomir Franczak, with special participation by Louise Steinman
Cooperation – Magdalena Franczak
Production – FestivALT
and is in collaboration with Marcin Dytmer


Ludomir Franczak is a visual artist, theatre director and curator. His work has been presented in galleries, theatres, festivals and public spaces around the world. Franczak’s work operates at the intersection of memory, identity and ecological activism. He weaves together visual art with history or literature, create complex and diverse art projects.