Being Becoming/Becoming Being Exhibition

The project “Being Becoming/Becoming Being” is a story about identity. It began with a photograph of the artist’s husband from his First Holy Communion at the end of 1950s in Poland. The boy in the photo is dressed in black clothes; different from the white worn by all of the other children. Black is the colour worn by boys of Jewish origin during their Bar Mitzvah, which in a way is a counterpart of the Catholic Holy Communion. “Silent Jew”, a seven-minute film made in 2018, tells the story of this photo, and explores the stream of thoughts and events associated with it. The search for identity and the attempt to understand the truth seem to be more valuable than the final discovery.
The exhibition presents varied objects connected to the story and our common religious and philosophical space, but also a space for memory and ritual. In the project, narration intertwines with the problem of identity as the past meets the present and an anticipated future.
Creator of the exhibition: Violetta Liszka
The artist and her husband come from Kraków.
Opening: Sunday, July 4, 2021 
Time: 13:00
Location: CentrALT Space , 9 Józefińska St.
This event is part of the inaugural programme of the new CentrALT Space, and the closing event of FestivALT’s 5th edition!

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The project was carried out in cooperation with Allianz Kulturstiftung.