Kraków is widely recognized as one of the centers of Jewish revival in modern-day Poland. This revival is complicated—as fractious as it is full of promise, as tangled as it is exciting. It includes several local Jewish communities, visiting Jews with varied perspectives on Jewish life and loss in Poland, non-Jewish Poles drawn to Judaism and Jewishness (some with Jewish heritage themselves), and a famous annual Jewish Culture Festival, founded and directed by non-Jewish Poles. Jewish renewal in Kraków is caught between the legacies of the Holocaust and Communist repression, as well as the current tides of tourism and gentrification.

Founded in 2016 by Magda Koralewska Rubenfeld, Michael Rubenfeld, Jason Francisco, and Maia Ipp, FestivALT is an independent arts collective that operates at the intersection of these forces, producing a program of radical and experimental art appropriate to the complexities of Jewish Kraków today. Timed to coincide with the popular Jewish Culture Festival, FestivALT offers an alternative program of critically-inspired art and activism.

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Galicia Jewish Museum, Foundation for Civic Dialogue, and Trzecie Oko Photo Gallery


We are grateful for the support of the Galicia Jewish Museum, the Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation, Paedeia, Asylum Arts, and Trziecie Oko Photo Gallery. Special thanks to Piotr Koralewski, Lamella, Aleks Pawlus, Rebecca Guber, and Paweł Szapiro.

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