Kazimierz Dream walk with Śomi

You could call this walk an encounter with ghosts
Or a dream walk.
With closed eyes, you are led in silence.
Whispers and Murmurs.
A meeting with the past 
A meeting with the present.
Keys. Words. Puzzles. Smells.
The former Jewish district of Kazimierz.
The present Jewish district of Kazimierz.
Sweet and moist. Tart, pleasant and dusty. Walls, trees, and hands.
Prayer house between cafes. Cafes in prayer houses. Synagogues, churches, bars and banks. 
Cemetery, supermarket, Mikveh.
Intuition, poetry, the ecology or perception – a soak in sensation.
A dream of Kazimierz through the prism of your own personal sensorial dream book

The walk is an exceptional, individual experience one-on-one with the artist.

Dates & Registration: click here (one slot = one individual reservation)
Duration: about 1 hour

Meeting Point: Info will be sent individually after registration 

The event is a part of FestivALT’s 5th edition programme!

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