Memory Score Application – Privacy Policy

CentrALT / FestivALT respects the privacy rights of users of applications created by it and declares that it makes every effort not to collect any data except those necessary for the proper functioning of the applications or those whose collection is aimed at increasing the usability of the company’s products.

1. Any data that could in any way allow the identification (identification) of the User is not collected by the application or made available by the Service Provider to any third parties.

2. CentrALT / FestivALT informs that when using the application from the level of an Android device, only temporary data is saved on the client’s device.

3. The application for Android and iOS uses the following rights:

Camera Access – permission needed for functionalities that require taking a photo, for QR / barcode scanners and for AR (augmented reality) functionality.

In case of any questions or ambiguities, we are happy to help. Contact us at

Download QR codes
To use the Memory Score app, download the QR codes – MemoryScore_QR. Scanning the QR code in the application switches it to the AR mode displaying the appropriate stage of the application.

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