Tax deductible donation in the U.S.


If you’d prefer to make a tax-deductible donation in the US by check or credit card, you may do so by following the instructions below for donations of $50 or greater. This arrangement was made possible through our partnership with the Galicia Jewish Museum in Kraków. The Museum has kindly agreed to process on FestivALT’s behalf donations sent through the King Baudouin Foundation United States (KBFUS), a 501(c)(3) public charity that facilitates US tax-deductible donations to non-US not-for-profit entities, which the Museum will then gift to FestivALT in the form of grants.

Gifts by credit card: Go to KBFUS’s Online Giving Center, enter the amount you would like to contribute, and click “Donate.” On the checkout page, please write “FestivALT” under “Additional information about your gift.” Email us at so we know to expect your donation.

Gifts by check: Make your check out to KBFUS and write “Galitzianers – Friends of the Galicia Jewish Museum. FestivALT” in the memo section. Send the check to KBFUS, 10 Rockefeller Plaza, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10020. Email us at so we know to expect your donation.

All donations are subject to a five-percent service fee, and credit card donations through KBFUS’s Online Giving Center are subject to an additional three-percent transaction fee (which donors have the option of covering). Donations may be subject to additional bank service fees before they are paid in Polish zloty to FestivALT. The Galicia Jewish Museum is not charging any additional processing fees. For more information on the King Baudouin Foundation, please visit For more information on Galitzianers – Friends of the Galicia Jewish Museum, please visit